Commenting And Checking Using Google Alerts

In a previous WordPress Tip, we talked about making good use of the CommentLuv Premium plugin either by installing it on your own site, and/or by searching for sites with CommentLuv installed and making consistent efforts to comment on those. With CommentLuv, your post backlink will appear automatically under your comment. There is no requirement […]

No Follow Links – What Is Rel = External Nofollow?

Google recently (well, in 2009) changed the rules around the concept of what nofollow meant to website owners. It is generally understood that you need backlinks to your site and one method used by many WordPress owners will be to comment on other WordPress sites to get links back via the comment to their own […]

How To Do A WordPress SQL Query

I was asked how to list all the posts in a WordPress database as a follow-on question from this blog post that explains how to search all your WordPress posts for a certain character string or link. If this article helps you, please help me by clicking one or more of the social media buttons […]

How To Search WordPress Posts Using MySQL

Have you ever wanted to locate something within one or more of your posts, but been unable to remember exactly where you’d placed it? You can use the WordPress dashboard search of course, but if that doesn’t help, you can try a more thorough search of the WordPress posts database table using MySQL. If this […]