Google Authorship Markup – A Short Case Study

Have you implemented rel=author on your site only to find that your author image is not appearing in the search engine results pages? Introducing Penny – One Of My WordPress Coaching Students I am a WordPress coach and Penny is one of my students. Penny is learning how to run her own WordPress recipe site, […]

Why Doesn’t My Image Show In The SERPs?

If you have set up your Google+ authorship markup on WordPress correctly, and tested that it’s working, you’ll be anxiously waiting to see your image appear in the search engines results pages (SERPs). In my case and also in the case of many others, there is still no sign … our search results are image […]

How To Do A WordPress SQL Query

I was asked how to list all the posts in a WordPress database as a follow-on question from this blog post that explains how to search all your WordPress posts for a certain character string or link. If this article helps you, please help me by clicking one or more of the social media buttons […]

How To Search WordPress Posts Using MySQL

Have you ever wanted to locate something within one or more of your posts, but been unable to remember exactly where you’d placed it? You can use the WordPress dashboard search of course, but if that doesn’t help, you can try a more thorough search of the WordPress posts database table using MySQL. If this […]