About Devon Web Designers

Russell Jamieson - web design exeterLiz Jamieson - web design exeterDevon Web Designers (DWD) is a web design company based in West Devon in the UK, yet we create sites for clients nationally and internationally. We help people in places like Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Nice, Edinburgh, London, Marbella and Grenada.

Devon Web Designers is run by Elizabeth and Russell Jamieson who are copreneurs, and who have between them over 50 years of computing, software design and internet technology experience. Our product is professional web design for solopreneurs and copreneurs.

Why Web Design Specifically For Solopreneurs And Copreneurs?

The internet has changed everything in that it provides a mechanism for more small businesses to start and develop than ever before. There are increasing numbers of people going it alone, (solopreneurs) as well as couples or friends (copreneurs) who start new businesses together.

There are also those who previously worked in large organisations and have either retired or for other reasons left their employers, but then find the need to move into second careers, often as consultants or knowledge workers.

All the people described above need websites. Not having a site today is like not having a phone number. It’s not a workable option for anyone serious about their marketing.

But there’s a problem. Solopreneurs and copreneuers don’t have lots of staff and resources to dedicate to a website, let alone a successful website. Because of this they can fall prey to inexperienced web designers or graphic designers turned web designers, and become afflicted with what we call pretty website syndrome. The typical small business will seek out a good-looking website, but not one that actually brings in business. There is a difference.

Knowledge And Why It Matters

There are few web designers providing services to small business, that have vast experience of the online environment and what makes it tick. Knowledge of databases, software, scripting languages – the ability to put these things together – and online marketing, is crucial.

We bring shed-loads of web design and web programming experience, current internet marketing knowledge and the dedication to detail acquired from our respective careers as industrial software engineers. This makes for a formidable offering to you.

You’ll get the usual pretty site – but more importantly we also lay the site out for conversion, which means the site is designed to allow your target market to take the action you want them to take. Coupled with this, we coach you in how to weave your daily work into the life-cycle of your website and at the same time increase traffic to your site.

Our coaching is optional – if you know how to drive traffic and do search engine optimisation for your site, you won’t need our help in that area.

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And Finally . . .

What works for small business marketing online is constantly changing but Liz and Russell actually enjoy keeping up to date with all the changes and best practices.

DWD’s services are about creating high quality sites at a reasonable price that you the client, can update yourself using a Web CMS. To achieve this we use a number of standard WordPress frameworks – WordPress is our Web CMS of choice.

Within WordPress, we help you to choose the right design, then we adjust it, add some bells and whistles to it and configure it, so that it is perfect for your business.

Next we show you how to add your own content if this is what you want to do. If preferred, we can add the content for you and you can come back to us each time you want the site updated. However we do encourage you to become more self-sufficient – that is our method as we believe it leads to a better website for your business.

To speak to us about your next website, please contact us for bespoke pricing or for one of our standard web design packages.