Choice Of Low Cost Or Deluxe Hosting

Updated on 08-Jun-2011

You have two main hosting options for your new site. You can either

  • host with us and use our done-for-you upgrade and maintenance service, or
  • we’ll sign you up to a low cost host with great 24 hour support

The point is you are not tied to our deluxe hosting package, but can use say, for example, Hostgator or Blue Host which means you can keep your monthly hosting costs down.

Take our exclusive done-for-you hosting package or use a low cost host such as Hostgator – we have options to suit everyone.

Key Points To Note

  • You can buy a domain name at GoDaddy or 123-reg for under £10
  • You can start a hosting account at Hostgator for low cost but where you must perform the software upgrades and backups yourself (don’t worry, if you follow the procedures correctly this is easy to do), or
  • You can choose to use our premium hosting service if you prefer which includes all security, software upgrades and backups
  • Using this coupon code : MY1CENTMONTH at Hostgator will buy your first month’s hosting for 1 penny.
  • Hostgator offer 24 hour hosting support

This article was updated on June 8, 2011

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