Search Engine Optimisation Ready

Updated on 30-Oct-2011

Because we build your site on WordPress it’s already set up for search engine optimisation. Google loves WordPress sites and once your site is live and in Google’s index, assuming you do as we instruct, all new web pages you add to your site will be picked up by the search engines – often within minutes.

When you attend our coaching sessions, we’ll teach you how to maximise your future search engine efforts and much more – in fact as much as you are willing and able to learn.

Not all websites are created equal. Your site will be search engine ready and all you’ll need to do is diligently apply the rules to each of the pages you make. If you don’t already know how this is done, we can show you how when you sign up to one on one coaching.

Key Points

  • WordPress is loved by Google
  • Your site will be built on top of WordPress
  • Your site will be known to Google before we hand it over to you – we’ll make sure of it
  • We can optionally show you how to optimise each page of your site and any future pages
  • We can optionally introduce you to various search engine optimisation techniques via one on one coaching.

This article was updated on October 30, 2011

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