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Updated on 08-Jun-2011

We use one of a number of established design frameworks and then make changes to those designs to suit your needs. This saves you money whilst still delivering a great looking site. And of course it doesn’t take very long as we’re starting out with a baseline design rather than a blank sheet.

Using these methods the web design is completely separate from the site’s content – so new designs can be changed at will. Once they are set up, you can do the switch yourself at the click of a button.

Choose from a number of high quality designs and we’ll tailor it to suit your business. This gives you a fast, effective and functionally rich result.

Key Points

  • Fast implementation of your design
  • Modern, content showcasing design
  • The design can be changed later without affecting the site’s content
  • Based on a premium WordPress framework
  • Design will be easy for your visitors to understand
  • Easy navigation will encourage visitors to stay on your site

This article was updated on June 8, 2011

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