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Updated on 20-Apr-2012

Do You Enjoy Sales Hype?

I couldn’t believe the GPlus Activator plugin video I’ve just watched at the Warrior Forum.

Someone has just released what they called a totally new, secret, underground Google hack that no-one knows about. So I watched the video.

What nerve! You have to admire the extreme sales copy for its superb shamelessness. Let me repeat some of it for you.

He says “I’m absolutely serious when I say nobody else has cracked this code”.

It’s for a plugin that implements Google’s rel=author which is not secret, not underground and not a hack. And he can’t be that serious because loads of people have “cracked” the code.

Rel=Author is something Google have advised webmasters to do. Matt Cutts has made videos about it, and hundreds of SEOs have written posts about it. It’s completely transparent, documented and out in the open. Quite the opposite of a hack.

I’d love to give you a link to the WSO video but after what I’ve just witnessed I don’t think I should, as the sales video might brainwash you into buying it!! The sales copy is very well written.

Right now I’m convinced either I’m daft or half the people who buy stuff on the Warrior forum are daft. I have an awful suspicion it might actually be me. You can be so ethical in this internet marketing game, you end up stupid.

AuthorSure – Elegant, Supported And Free

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This article was updated on April 20, 2012

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  1. Hey Liz

    It’s so good to know someone is supporting those of us who are online and don’t know one piece of blurb from another when it comes to trying to sift among the plethora of information that is out there.

    Thank goodness we have such passionate peeps as you guys to help steer us with integrity.

  2. That’s actually hilarious, that someone would sell a rel=author plugin as some kind of a magical SEO secret! Some people know no shame. 😀

  3. Hi Liz (aka stormyweather) 😉

    Believe it or not, your posting on that WF thread paused me enough to think about what the author was truly promoting. I even did a little more research into rel=author. I have you to thank for not purchasing it when I was tempted to do so.

    When I read your post on Shane’s blog a few minutes ago, I realized just how deep the rabbit hole really has become on the WF. You have a new fan here!

    • Well that is good news! Looks like you’re the only one though – have you seen all those lemmings jumping over the cliff. I’m with Shane on this – look at his superb SECockpit product. That’s what we all need to be – high quality and ethical.

      If you decide to use our plugin, make sure you ask me if you get stuck.

  4. Haha. The good thing is, people like that lose their credibility real quick. Straight up lying is not going to get that guy very far. Why do you think car salesmen have such bad rep. Certainly not for telling the truth. I have rel=author installed on my sites thanks to your post about doing it manually (before the AuthorSure days). But I intend to try AuthorSure on future sites to help ease through it. -D

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks a lot for posting this. I have been trying to figure out how to easily do the rel-author tag. Does this plugin do multiple authors? Thanks again. :)

  6. I read that same pitch in the Warrior Forum! I couldn’t believe that they were trying to sell a rel = “author” link! Not a fan of that forum, too many squeeze pages making huge claims about their snake oil products! People seemed fooled by it though, just goes to show the power of great sales copy!

  7. Very good. Made me chuckle. I frequent the WSO to see what ‘brand new flawless’ product they come up with time after time. I don’t want to name any names as I have a lot of respect for this person but let’s just say that I purchased a product around 6 weeks ago (it had superb reviews all around) and I haven’t been able to log into my affiliate back office ever since. They are still ‘ironing out the bugs’! For 6 WEEKS!!!!

    Don’t believe the hype is usually the mindset to have when visiting the WSO. Unfortunately.

    • Someone sent me the list of secrets this particular WSO had “on the inside”, in the private plugin forum. And the secret turned out to be that … there weren’t any. I am actually disappointed.

  8. Regardless of public knowledge, not too many are really taking advantage of the author tag, or linking back to their G+ profiles.

    I recon by the time a surge comes to show up in the right hand Google + pane of the SERPS, Google will change up their strategy again!!!

  9. Hello Elizabeth,

    I am new to your blog and I must say this is a very interesting article. I get a lot of emails that tout some kind of miracle cure from the warrior forum at least 3 times a week. You are right when you stated that they are very well written but, if you do a little digging you will soon find out the truth. I think I will try AuthorSure on my site and see what it does for my rankings.

    • If you want AuthorSure to work you’ll have to make sure you have few other things set up correctly too Dennis. I’ll be writing a post about that soon. Watch out for it. We have a new version of AuthorSure out soon too.

  10. Steven Papas says:

    Man I really do not enjoy when people are either ignorant or just trying to scam people. Thank you for exposing this for what it is and providing a better alternative.

  11. Thanks for the information. I thought that there was no other plugin. When i typed “g plus activator” in Google, your website was the first result and also the best alternative 😉

  12. I saw the WSO video and you were right – I almost bought GPlus Activator. Good for me I made a little research and I ended up on your blog, reading this article. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for the heads up those kind of words that they are using were probably enough to win me over. I am not dumb but I am not an SEO magic worker like some people I know are. I know enough to get by.

  14. Thanks for notifying us of the scam software. I almost bought the GPlusActivator. Nicely researched posts. Your blog has very interesting articles. Bookmarked it.

  15. I have to cosign heavily with AuthorSure, it is so hard to set up the proper circle manually as discusset in M. Cutt’s videos and through the google forums, having a plugin to do it for you is the best thing to happen to blog owners!

  16. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank for exposing what it is and providing a better alternateI saw the WSO video and you were right.Google will change up their strategy again.

    Thanks again

  17. Hi unfortunately now there is someone ready to scam someone else for just about everything. It is about time this was stamped on heavily. Also time they started locking some of these frauds terms up for a long time as a deterrent to others.

    Great heads up thanks lee

  18. Thank you Elizabeth for you article and post. And much appreciation for sharing Author Shure! It looks like a great concept and tool.

    Be Awesome!

  19. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank for sharing what it is and providing a better alternate saw the WSO video and you were right. I appreciate your efforts.

  20. Thanks Elizabeth, i will install on my websites and from now i will take advantage with with author tag. I searched for this kind plugin but i didn’t find one to please me.

  21. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this info : ) thanks to you i din’t go for GPlusActivator. You are a Savior !!

    Cool :)


  22. Despite open learning, not very lot of people are truly exploiting the creator label. Joining over the to their G+ profiles. I recon when a surge comes to appear in the right hand Google + sheet of the SERPS. Goole will switch up their techniques once more….. 😀

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