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Updated on 04-Dec-2012

How would you like free access to Visual Website Optimizer for the next three months?

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What is it you may ask …? In short, it makes your website more successful.

If you own a WordPress site, (or any type of website for that matter), you can use it to split test your pages to see if a different wording, colour, image, or call to action makes a difference as to whether people buy your stuff or sign up to your list or whatever it is you want them to do.

It is insanely good software and I am using this chance to try it out having heard so much about it for free.

As far as I am aware this free Visual Website Optimizer offer is only available until 2nd April 2012 – so please take advantage of it before then.

The deal is being made by one of those bundling websites. If you visit the site they will have an offer on the home page which you may or may not want. At the moment (and for the next two days only), the offer is the one shown below where you get 5 quality software services for only $97 – a saving of over $2500.

Currently Available Bundle Deal

That’s a lot of software for $97.

But What If I Don’t Want All That Software?

If you want it, great – but if not, then don’t buy it, however sign up to the site anyway. The sign up link is at the top right of this page. It’s free. If you do, you will be notified in future of more deals.

How To Get Visual Website Optimizer For Free

Once you are signed up, you will get to a dashboard like this one. Just click on the My Loot tab as shown below and you will get to the link where you can sign up for 3 months of Visual Website Optimizer for free. Brilliant.

Click here to read Visual Website Optimizer Testimonials from their existing customers.

Where To Click To Get Your Free Visual Website Optimizer Software

The sign up link is here.

This article was updated on December 4, 2012

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  1. Sounds good Liz but I guess I’m just not advanced enough to understand what I’m looking at here :) …. not jumping into the split-testing as hoping it’s an indefinite offer and my site is just not ready for the added pressure ….

    Still I love to think about how I will understand all of this at some point …. and knowing you’re on it is enough to make me bookmark them and it for later.


  2. Split testing is so very important. Nothing is worse than working your butt off to get traffic and see them all leave your site without converting to a sale or lead.

    How would you say this tool compares with Google Website Optimizer (GWO)?

  3. Samantha says:

    I am using this chance to try it out having heard so much about it for free.I think I should check this one first..i know this is very important..

  4. I was wondering, how do you get a single URL (the one you’re testing) to exhibit more than one theme at a time?

    (I apologize for the double post, but my ComLuv link didn’t show the first time…)

  5. Nice post elizabeth .Did you write any posts on how to split test ?? like some kind of tutorial?
    iam new to blogging so iam looking for ways to optimize my site, nice blog i really liked it.
    Keep Going
    Enoch Joy

  6. I love it , too. it\’s faster than before. Quick loading , good effects and navigation to almost everything, easly.
    This is realy informative and use full post .. it,s very important to set them as you explained in your post so the permalink / slug is created automatically.
    thank you

  7. Its really a new information that the slugs can be used so powerfully to Boost the SEO throgh category, I never considered slug so important , and thanks for the permalink structure but one should not change the permalink structure if the website is well stablised.

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