How To Make WordPress Posts Work Harder With Social Media

Updated on 04-Dec-2012

Being a developer and WordPress coach, I spend a lot of my time either developing my stuff or training people one on one (via Skype) to use WordPress effectively. I don’t spend much time talking about it. This site is an attempt to change that and also, face up to the fact that I don’t tweet enough or do as much on the social media front as I should.

To that end, I need a system for doing this. I simply do not believe in hiring an outsourced army to pretend to be me and do “social networking” on my behalf. Don’t you just hate the lack of authenticity when people do so much via outsourcers or on auto-pilot that you may as well be listening to the cat?

OK – so this is a small piece of my plan (more in a later post). If you have better ideas, let me know.

The First Step Is To Write Posts On Your WordPress Site

In order to systemize and streamline your efforts, everything should stem from a WordPress post. As you write each quality post use it as a trigger for your routine social media output. I have summarised how I am going this in the diagram below, (which by the way uses one of these free graphics ideas).

My Social Media Strategy

A Simple, Workable, Social Media Strategy

You Can Do All This Social Media In 2 Minutes

This above diagram shows how you can send a summary of each post to a minimum of Twitter, LinkedIn and your business Facebook Page. (You can also post to other various smaller social networks via Ping.FM via Hootsuite).

At this time, there is no ability to post to Google+ from PRO Hootsuite – although that may be coming in time. So you will have to do that one separately.

Each social media summary also contains a link back to the original post. Not counting the time it takes to write the the blog post (which you have to do anyway), the social media aspect of it will take you less than 2 minutes but will achieve four things :

  1. It builds your brand – ie.e gets your face seen
  2. It gives people a reason to follow you
  3. It brings you some traffic
  4. It builds you some links

I think that is 2 minutes well spent.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Use LinkedIn Groups For Traffic And Post Ideas

Within LinkedIn there is a group for every one of hundreds of business niches. Find a handful of groups that are very close your niche and join them. Once in, monitor the groups for questions you can answer.

If you have a blog post you’ve already written that answers the question, answer it briefly within the group, and then link out to your more detailed answer on your site. As they tend to display answers in chronological order, it pays to be first. If you see a good topic for you with no answers then write a fast answer in a new post on your site, then write a short answer on LinkedIn, so you are at or near the top, and links back to your post. Finally as then go back to your post and improve it.

Further Leverage Your Posts

So far all that we have done is use Hootsuite to manage the dispatch of links back to our posts via a number of social networks, and participated in Groups and Answers LinkedIn for exposure, traffic, backlinks and for blog posts ideas.

I suggest that you do two other things that once set up you can forget.

Paper.Li “Newspaper” Publishing

Visit and log in with your Twitter credentials. Once you are there you can create a newspaper out of your tweets, other people’s tweets and yours and others’ WordPress RSS feed(s) or any mix of the above. You can also add individual posts as you find them on the web. This creates an engaging central location for all articles and stories relating to your topic. And in doing so, creates long lasting backlinks.

Twylah Topic-Based Twitter Publishing

At the time of writing Twylah is still in beta, but you can apply for an account. While creates a central collection point for all your tweets and blog feeds, Twylah does something similar for just your Tweets but also has some powerful additional features. It will collect all your tweets that are about the same topic together and organize them over time in to different sections on your Twylah site. This means that people visiting your site can see all your related Tweets together making it a much more readable medium than any of the Twitter clients. This is a dedicated Twitter aggregator and presenter.

Twylah pages are search engine optimized and will give Tweets a longer life and more exposure.

Twylah also has the concept of Power Tweets. It is easy to send a Power Tweet using a button on your browser toolbar at any time when you come across an interesting page in your niche. The Power Tweet does not link directly to the page though. Instead Twylah does two things:

  • it publishes your ‘tweet’ about the article on a new Twylah page which has been created to include all your own tweets that are related to the subject of the article
  • it then make your tweet with a link to your new Twylah page

This article was updated on December 4, 2012

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  1. Dear Elizabeth, this is just what I am looking for. You have explained a lot to me today, I am self taught and you are helping me to improve enormously – thank you for these instructions. I am now getting used to “Learning with Lizzy” sessions and I will be sad if this series ends at lesson 12. Aside from this I have started playing with QR codes this week, I may even build up the courage to make my first blog post. Finally, Molly my dog says hello to Reina and her friends. Paul.S

    • Ah! Thank you Paul – comments like that make this effort worth while. I am having to give up on the tip per day that I hoped to do to complete the 12, but have the odd day off in between! This is VERY tiring. Reina, Rio and Roma send their love to Molly.

  2. This is really useful. I have used Twitter a lot, but not made the best of LinkedIn. Twylah looks really good too.
    Also, quite happy to have gaps between your tips (even though I look forward to each one) as it gives me time to assimilate information and put some of the tips into practice.
    I have already learnt a huge amount from your tips – think you deserve a day or two off!! Thank you for all the clear and helpful tips so far :-)

  3. These are all good ideas, and you presented a tactical way to accomplish them.

    After all these feeds and syndication of content are setup, it’s a matter of personally interacting with others on these networks too in non-promotional ways to keep it real.

    Paper. li is a good concept I like and plan to implement soon, thanks.

  4. Wow, Elizabeth, this is certainly an awesome strategy for getting the needed social media love and link love for each of our blog posts. I already have few of these steps set up for my blog now need to add up the and twylah and also need to start building more engagement in the LinkedIn Groups I have joined. Thanks a lot for this roadmap and post.

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