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Updated on 04-Dec-2012

Today’s tip is about free graphic resources. There are plenty of these online, but I’ve just picked out a handful of the ones I find useful to talk about in the video.

Underneath the videos is a list of further resources that you can look at. I will add more here as I find and use them. Once again I hope there is something here for everyone.

Free Images

I sometimes use free images, and the sites I use to source free photos and images are here

Low Cost Photos – When You Need A Decent Image

When I can’t find anything I need there in the above list, I buy Low Cost Photos at around 2-3 dollars each, and rarely now have to resort to using the excellent but pricey, iStockPhoto.

Using these resources I just make simple logos for sites. For example this took me 10 minutes to the following logo for an imaginary site called Kick The Smoking Habit (having made this logo before checking if there was a site with the same domain, I just checked and there is – and it has malware on it, so please don’t go visiting it.)

Logo for website

I am not a graphic designer and I never will be. But I can knock out a reasonable header when I want, just using the resources listed above and some text in Photoshop. If you have to go to a graphic designer every time you have a new idea for a website nothing would ever get done. Until you can afford an army to support your every move, you need to be quite self-sufficient. Fixing up fast graphics is one area where you really do need to get some skills especially if you work alone. I use Photoshop. I don’t muck about with GIMP or any of the other tools.

Do You Know The Practical Difference Between GIFs, JPGs and PNGs?

Hopefully that explained the differences between the three image file formats, jpg vs png, vs gif. Here are the links referred to in the video.

Six Free Graphics Resources You Can Use

Six Free Graphics Resources – Links Referred To In The Video

The example of the Mindmap embedded on a page can be seen here : Mindmap Example

Other Resources

This article was updated on December 4, 2012

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  1. Great content, I especially liked the resources. They will save me a ton of time. The ability to do quick logos is priceless and will save me lots of cash. Incidentally I read the entire tip on my iPhone which is great as I was too lazy to login to my laptop

    • Karl – My mobile version of this site is working! Finally! Thanks for letting me know. I will go into detail on how to do your own logos fast in another tip. But certainly graphics is one thing it is worth learning a bit about. You need something graphical almost every day I find … and if you can do it yourself in 10 mins, it would take longer to outsource and explain to someone else. You can always re-brand with a big expensive designer created logo when a new site starts making money.

  2. I love your resources. This is an amazing job you are doing Elizabeth. I wish for more more more… :) Thanks for your dedication! I want you to know there are people out here appreciating your work, time and effort!

    • Thank you for coming back and reading more! I hope this will mean that when I put a paid course together people will know that I am likely to do a good job!

  3. Hello Your Awesomeness,

    I was always under the impression that the free images sites restricted their use
    to non commercial sites so I have stayed away from them.

    I didn’t read the TOS on the ones you suggested yet, I’ll have to check those out.

    You mentioned I stock being high priced, I always find what I need for 1 to 2 credits,
    which I pay .95 for. As a matter of fact I bough two images today for a total of 4 credits.

    Then I used this really cool plug in called Caption Pix, I don’t remember where I got
    that from though. 😉

    Love I have used that a lot.

    Great tips, thanks,

    P.S. I have always thought Cavaliers where a great looking dog and a nice size.
    But now that I know they can snore like a doberman I’m not so sure. :-)

    • Hi Blase – Check the TOS on the ones I mentioned and I believe you’ll find it’s OK commercially. iStock is high priced compared to Bigstock. But only relatively speaking … I still go to iStock if I a need a super-duper professional image. But the high price comment I suppose was a throw back to when I remember iStock being much less. You are right – it is still reasonable when compared to some, say Getty.

      But Bigstock is my first port of call – plus they allow you to keep all your images online at their site for 180 days, so you can copy them down at leisure when you have time, not when you’re late, hassled and trying to get something done. I can go back and download the ones I’ve bought anytime. iStock never did this in the past and I’m not sure they do now …

      • I’ve never used Bigstock, I’ll give it a look. You did make a comment
        before about having to know something about graphics to be online
        or you will wait around forever to get something done.

        That is a message everybody needs to hear. Just being able to do
        basic stuff like making a header and resizing pictures and adding them
        to a site (Caption Pix) should be a skill that you should have in your tool belt.

        With all of the free or almost free programs to do simple tasks out there now
        it’s gotten very easy.

        Unless you are only going to have one website than just pay someone to do it.
        Like maybe Liz. :-)

  4. Hi LIz,

    I think Blase summed it up there by calling you “your awesomeness” — I am blown away by all of these tips. You are pretty awesome. I know this stuff is a lot of work to put together. Thank you for doing it.

    I love all of the tips so far, but this one is going to save me a ton of time. My go-tos have always been Morguefile and iStockPhoto, but the other resources you’ve listed look fantastic.

    Thank you thank you! I am officially a huge fan!

    • Ahhh! Tracey. I love you back. You are too kind and thank you for taking the time to comment. You are right – I am exhausted! And I am going to continue of course – in fact I will make more than 12 tips in the end, but I’ve had to give up doing it every day. That was too ambitious! Right now am researching all the new things we must do to rank given the enormous changes at Google, in the last few months and in the last few days. I’ll make that into a tip too.

  5. Thanks for sharing those lovely free Graphics resources… I also liked the video of difference between GIFs, JPGs & PNGs. I will surely use those resources in making of new web sites. Appreciated.

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