Commenting And Checking Using Google Alerts

Updated on 11-Nov-2012

In a previous WordPress Tip, we talked about making good use of the CommentLuv Premium plugin either by installing it on your own site, and/or by searching for sites with CommentLuv installed and making consistent efforts to comment on those.

With CommentLuv, your post backlink will appear automatically under your comment. There is no requirement whatsoever that your backlinked post be relevant to your comment or to the post you are commenting on. That’s the beauty of CommentLuv.

On A Non-CommentLuv Site

An equivalent comment on a non-CommentLuv site – i.e one that contains a link back to one of your posts – would require you weave your link into a comment. So, the link would have to be highly relevant to the post you’re commenting on or it would look like spam.

So How Is It Done?

Recently, I decided to revisit a technique I’d read about but never used. You will almost certainly have heard of this but possibly, like me, may have assumed that it wouldn’t work. Well, it does work. I’ve been doing it for about six weeks now and it has become quite addictive.

It is done by using Google Alerts to tell you when significant events occur online. One of these events is when a blog post you can comment on is published, but we can use Google Alerts to do some other things too.

There were a couple of things mentioned in the video that I will put here in case you want to refer to them.

Things You Need To Set Up In Google Alerts To Protect and Build Your Brand

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your brands or product names
  • When your site is updated
  • A check for hacks on your website
  • Keywords relevant to your niche

Lastly when leaving a link in a comment, you can use HTML to mark up the link rather than just placing it there as a raw link. The markup is as follows <a href=”link to your post”>Anchor Text</a>

This article was updated on November 11, 2012

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  1. As always, excellent content. It would be useful to have the transcript of the video in a PDF format so that anyone who wants to set up Google Alerts can do so without have keep pausing the video while watching the replay to get the pertinent information.


  2. Liz,
    Another great tip here, so much more than just using Google Alerts though – 12 mins of pure gold, Can’t wait to see what you come up with for tomorrow!

  3. Dear Elizabeth, I could not watch any more of your last 2 videos without saying a big thank you. This information is very helpful to me, you have invested a lot of hard work, well done! Paul.S

  4. Liz delivers again. :-)

    I use Google Alerts everyday, but I still learned a few things.

    Thanks again Liz, you’re awesome.


  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    These are wonderful lessons! I’m using Google Alerts as part of my web research work but I just realized while watching your video that there’s more to it than what I’m doing.
    I also learned a lesson about hacks from the hotel episode that you mentioned. Now, I’m more aware of the problems they pose for sites and blogs.
    What I’m going to do is try for myself the steps that you mentioned and hopefully I’ll get better results on my search. Thanks for sharing these very helpful tips.
    A Happy New Year to you!

  6. Great post. Now better understand the comment luv and have already benefited from google alerts which
    is great for knowing what’s going on in your travel niche(s)
    …Thanks so much.

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